Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NaNoWriMo Ups and Downs

Hahaha ... well... I just saw that Nicky noticed how I tried to *discreetly* slip the NaNoWriMo counter off the blog without notice... but I was caught!

The truth is, I didn't even make 13,000 words. As I struggled to write more and more down, it seemed as if the more photos I looked at to spark my memory, the more frustrated I became when I couldn't remember details from our time together. I thought it would be easy to write down the memories. While the memories aren't gone, I found that they don't respond well to being cued up and ready to go when I want them to be.

So I think the lesson I learned is that I should keep writing them down as they come to me.

One nice thing I did find out over Thanksgiving is what my Dad shared with me about my Mom. Apparently, she had toyed with the idea of going to culinary school as well, but gave up because she knew my Dad wouldn't eat anything she made (he has a very very plain palette).

Her mother (my grandmother) was a phenomenal cook. I never met her, but I've heard from other family members how great her potato dumplings and Sauerbraten was. I didn't know my mother had shown an interest as well.

I feel a newfound connection to the grandmother I never met and my mother. It's satisfying to know that through three generations of women, we all share something in common.

Perhaps that's the story worth writing.



Smile Moon Woodworks said...

Good for you! I wouldn't be surprised if there was writing talent in previous generations you didn't know about either.

Allie said...

What a gift, Jen! How wonderful to have that connection with your mom and grandmother. I know they are both proud of you.