Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots of Hop-enings!

We've been pretty busy the last few weeks! On July 12, we adopted a new bunny into our household.
Meet Molly, an adorable dwarf lionhead (we think) that was abandoned at a pet store across the state - left in a box without food or water. The rabbit rescue group that I donate to, 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue, sent out an alert about this adorable little girl. The pet store took the stance that the bunny would be free to a good home. One member of the rescue was worried that Molly wouldn't go to a proper home with the title "free" attached to her. So Rob and I decided to give Molly a home. She's a very good little lady, and after a week of being with us, has already started to fill out on hay and veggies (she came to us SO skinny!). Lola (our lop) felt a bit threatened at first, but given that the girls live in different houses, that seems to have helped. Their interactions throughout the week have improved. Lola no longer tries to charge the gate seperating her from Molly's home (Lola is litterbox trained and allowed out in the house). Molly is still working on her litterbox training but shows no interest in coming out of her house as of yet. We have a vet appointment set up for her next Tuesday. I suspect she is healthy in spite of how she was abandoned, but I do want a vet to confirm that she is a she and that she is spayed (I think she is, but I'd rather have a pro check!)

In the photography world, I'm knee-deep back in nature photography.

This photo reminds me of a painting that used to hang in my grandfather's house. The painting, sadly, is long gone, but in it was a photo of a girl in a daisy field, staring up at the sky. I tried to recreate that experience of the girl in the daisy field. I titled it "Dreaming."

We also have our first and only art show of the 2009 season this weekend. We decided to cut back this year given the economy. This show has been pretty good to us in the past, so we're hoping that it proves to be a positive one for us this year as well! I've been busy working on gathering our best work together to bring with us to the weekend event (along with creating new photo pendants for sale as well).

What have you been doing?