Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lola's Third Birthday

The Dinner Spread

Lola arrives at the party

Lola moves the party so she is closer to Molly's house

Molly enjoys the party from the comfort of her litterbox

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Molly Update

Thank you everyone for your kind and healing thoughts. The good news is that these thoughts are working!! Special thanks to Annette over at Dragon House of Yuen for featuring Molly on her blog.

Molly is eating more parsley and basil today! (I caught her chowing down with my camera phone earlier.) She is more alert and seems much stronger. She is not yet back on hay or pellets, but the vet today said this is a very good transition. Molly is still getting her medications and Critical Care (the latter so that she continues to get the nutrients she needs).

Thank you thank you thank you!

Our other bunny, Lola, is celebrating her third birthday tomorrow, so things are definitely on a high note! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

A long summer off and some bunny news

I've been on an (unintentional) hiatus from blogging all summer. I'm updating now to share some bunny news.

Little Molly went in for her spay in late August after being checked out by the vet. She was given a clean bill of health and was estimated to be about 10 months old. She showed no previous scarring from surgeries, so we went ahead with the spay. However, during the surgery, it was discovered that she didn't have any parts to remove. Our vet explained that while he had never seen anything like this, it was possible that it was a birth defect and that she was born without (which is also a reason she may not have been acting like a typical teenage bunny with raging hormones). She was sent home to recover, and she did well.

Now, a month later, out of no where, Molly is battling GI Stasis (Ileus). She was admitted to the animal hospital last Thursday, came home that night with us, but returned Friday for more treatment. She spent Friday night and the weekend with us. She has been getting 4-5 feedings of Oxbow's Critical Care daily, as well as two medications. Last night I offered her basil, and after considering it (while dangling in front of her nose) she ate it. Today (after the same "temptation" exercise), she ate a little lettuce. She is more alert and appears to be growing stronger every day.

Please keep Molly in your thoughts! And hopefully I can get my act together very soon and begin blogging again!!