Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Love

A while back I was asked to photograph Fusion's napoleons and peanut butter torte. The reason? We were providing that dessert to Illiano's restaurant and the owner wanted photos to add to his menu. This past week, the owner dropped off two of their own desserts- a cannoli and a tiramasu - for me to photograph as well for the menu.

Below is the pastry ensemble that will be on the menu.

Delicious! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Settled

We moved, and we're still unpacking lots of boxes, but all in all, it feels great to have a place that we can finally call ours. Even Lola is getting used to her new "digs" (see her at left enjoying the sun spot early one morning).

I've dived into gardening head first. The property was void of any landscaping whatsoever, except for four potted plants on top of stone in the front of the house. I've been better about digging up the yard then unpacking inside the house!

So far, I've planted four garden beds, two with just annuals for a quick pop of color. I've planted perennials such as wisteria, honeysuckle, clematis, roses, rhododendron (to hopefully one day hide the neighbor's ugly fence), coreopsis and poppies (as you can see at right). A lilac bush that was a housewarming present anchors one corner of the yard. I have the hummingbird feeder out, but I've gone two weeks without seeing any activity (I guess I can't blame him-- this property never offered anything so maybe I've lost him for the season). I now have a bird bath, and I already had a good amount of rabbit statuary that found it's way outside. As you know, nature plays a big role in my photography, so surrounding myself with the flowers I adore makes perfect sense to me.

Lola is adjusting well- she takes morning romps up and down the hallway and seems to enjoy exploring the room she and I share. I have a great desk from IKEA that closes up so all wires are concealed (and bunny-proof that way).

There are some flaws we're finding with the house -- leaking dishwasher, for one -- but overall these things are minor. The feeling of pulling into my own driveway and not having to hike to the third floor with bags of groceries is very awesome, indeed.