Friday, December 26, 2008

End of December Give Away!

It's back! A new give away for my blog readers. This month's lovely give away is one of my desktop calendars!

To enter, leave a comment about some of your online selling goals for 2009!

Deadline to enter is Dec. 31!


Anonymous said...

My selling goals?
I would like to expand my customer base- probably by promoting different sites and places where my photography can be purchased.
Etsy is main site for selling, and I think- using other sites may get my work exposed to different customers.
I was thinking also about adding some additional products? Still not decided on this part.
I don't have goals in numbers.
I would like to do better than this ending year :)

Annette F. Tait said...

Hi Jen,

my beautiful fawn is on display - framed - by my work table where I make my bags and ACEOs!

In 2009 I will develop a couple of new product ranges for my shop.

I would like to identify a best seller for my shop, perhaps it has not been made yet!

I would also like to triple my sales online and offline sell more original fine art watercolours locally in galleries here.

Smile Moon Woodworks said...

Hi Jen!
I'd love to get one of those desktop calendars! I posted my selling goals for 2009 in my blog recently, but to summarize, they are:

- Make more stock items for my shop
- Make a wider variety of things for the shop
- Explore and utilize effective advertising
- Participate in really good craft shows
Streamline the woodworking process
- Streamline the packaging process
- Make sure my kids' stuff is going to pass muster when the CPSIA is enacted

That's me in a nutshell! Happy New Year!!

:-) MaryLou said...

Oh so many goals...

Tidy up my Etsy shop, which means eliminating some of the things I sell there (artwork, button rings, and some things like that will be sold only on my website).

Update my website so I can sell directly from there.

Build up some inventory in my ArtFire shop (which right now has just one item in it).

Promote, promote, promote.

Argh! It's going to be a busy year.

Allie said...


I would like to streamline my etsy shop - working on this now.

I am also planning to join additional online markets - Artfire, and a couple of other sites.

I would like to expand my photography business locally - both my art prints and my portrait work. (I have a gallery appointment on Monday! Fingers crossed!)

I don't really have numbers in mind, but would really love to increase sales.

This is a great idea, Jen! :), allie

3 squares said...

LOVE that calendar!

I need to find ways to promote my shop, both on and off Etsy.

Make more connections with other sellers to share/learn.

I also want to participate in some craft shows this year.


Celeste said...

My online selling goals?
Well, I don't even have a shop that would be the ultimate goal! :) I have not yet decided on what I want to focus on selling. Scrapbooking, jewelry, clothing...I just can't decide!!

contact me at:

Digital Misfit said...

I will be opening my etsy shop in the new year (well, its already set up, just no inventory).
I look forward to promoting my work and getting to know other artists in my medium (I am a custom dollmaker), as well as many other areas.
I want to increase my blog traffic and give my dolls some good exposure on other blogs.
I dont think I can come up with a sales goal yet until I can get a good feel for my market.

Best wishes and luck in the new year to everyone!

amanda said...

lovely calendar!!

i'd love to open a few more online shops this year.

roentarre said...

You are giving away this gem? Wow, so kind of you!

Sara said...

What a great giveaway!

I would like to expand where I get my customers.. which I am still working on improving.. I sell on Etsy and I think if I expand what I offer it might help. I've been wanting to get some artwork up... so in 2009 that's my plan.

artcsara at

Reeva said...

I hope to open my etsy store jan 15th 2009. My goal is to have 100 sales by June 2009. I'm excited to get started and join the etsy community.

Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

Alison Du Bois said...

Hi Jen,
My online selling goals for 2009 are to exceed 2008 sales in my Etsy shop by 100 and on by 200 sales (including my jewelry designs). I will be spending more of my time focusing on offline sales this year, but my online presence is invaluable as a tool to assist me when visiting galleries, etc.

Best of luck to all of you on reaching your goals,
Happy New Year!

MamaWess said...

I would like find a focus for my shop. I am all over the place because I like to do so many things. I get bored very easily and just jump right to something new! Ugh!!!

magicrainbowdreamings said...

Wow, Jen, lovely idea! Thanks.
Let's see: I want to start with actually giving *myself* (as well as my crafted products) more appreciation; I want to develop some sort of routine/ streamlining; I want to put much more effort into the creative output and still enjoy the process; and I hope to spread some love and joy with the items in my store.
I'll keep it at that ... should do for now anyways...oh, yeah, did I mention that I'd very much like to increase sales?? *lol* Big Hugs to you, Jen. Love, Nicky