Sunday, February 8, 2009

Let's play two truths and a lie!

Can you guess which one of the following three is incorrect?

1. My wedding was DJ-ed by a country music award winner.

2. I used to be the editor of a 27,000 circulation newspaper.

3. I once interviewed Johnny Rzeznik of The Goo Goo Dolls.

Leave your guess in the comments below.
I'll share the answer on Tuesday!

What are your two truths and a lie? :)


MamaWess of Inspiration Flirtaton said...

Ok so I think number 1 is the lie and the other 2 are true! I like this game!

Mishkat said...

I also think #1 is the lie (but would be interesting if it were true, of course!) Looking forward to finding out.

FRIGGA said...

I'm not a regular around here... but I think #2 might be false... :)

Marjorie Dawson said...

the Goo Goo dolls are so I reckon it's a fib!

anniebee said...

I'm gonna guess #2 is the lie because I want to imagine you have a very exciting life (not that being an editor isn't exciting!!)

m. campbell-zurek-Urban Junkies Photography said...

hmm, i say that #2 is a lie?
interesting game! :)
zuppaartista/urban junkies

Jo Hoffacker said...

Hmm... I think #2 is a lie.

Allie said...

I'm going to guess that #1 isn't true! :), allie Fun!