Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interview with Joanna's Photography

One of the best things about being on Etsy in the past year is the ability to connect with other very talented artists! Meet POE member Joanna from Joanna's Photography. I absolutely love her nature photography and the hues she focuses on. She also has a lovely 365 Photo a Day blog.

Jen: How do you incorporate your favorite colors into your work?

When taking photo I usually try to look for color scheme, that fits my idea of what this photo can show. I like to use the tones of earth- so there is a lot of greens, browns, reeds, etc. in my work. But sometimes I like to break that rule and after picture is taken I play with it, try different color profiles. And only when I find the one that adds to the image's look and feel I decided to stay with it. I like to change the highlights and shadows-to hide and show, what I feel is important in my photograph.

Jen: What is your favorite type of photography to create?

Joanna: I find the most satisfaction in macro photography. Capturing details and enlarging it over the actual size creates very interesting effect. And of course- it brings out the fine detail, texture or shape, which not always are being noticed with bare eye.

I do like to use extension tubes for my macro photography- sometimes by putting those in between camera and macro lens. This combination lets me get even closer- more more specific detailed shot. And many times- much more interesting.

Jen: While your main subject is flowers, how do you decide what else to photograph?

Joanna: Most of the time I just go on like a photo walk. Take my camera, grab whatever I may need- and go. Sometimes it's just a stroll though neighborhood and sometimes I make trip to specific location, like local old mill, or old garden.

I like to have camera with me, even if I'm not planning on taking photos- for example, while visiting friends- I always think- you never know,what is going to come up!

There are also those situations, when I have an idea in my head for some time and just look for the right subject and right set up. I get easily inspired by whatever is around me.

Jen: Is photography your day job or something you do on the side?

Joanna: I work with photographic equipment and in small photo lab in my day job- so they actually relate pretty close. But my taking pictures is not my main day job.

Jen: Where can we find your work?

Joanna: My main portfolio at this moment is still listed in my Etsy store (
I have smaller store on 1000markets ( and artfire (

Soon I am planning on having my website up and running and hope this is going to be the main place all viewers and photography lovers can go to see my work and find information about what I do.

Check out more of Joanna's work at her Etsy shop:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jen! I appreciate the invite to this interview. Also I wanted to share my website update: it's up and running, and I would like to invite you to take a look:


Mishkat said...

These are wonderful photos. The flower photos are amazing - and I really like that beach photo. Great feature, Jen!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Joanna's work is gorgeous and I enjoyed hearing about her techniques.

Ariadne said...

Gorgeous work! :) I love your shop, too!

Allie said...

Beautiful photos, such a talented artist! Great interview Joanna and Jen!

ps - the girls love the hamster!