Saturday, February 7, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers

Perhaps you've noticed the little Entrecard box on the sidebar of my blog. I've been using Entercard for about two months now, and I've been introduced to a variety of great blogs that I may not have found otherwise.

The way Entrecard works is that you "drop" on other blogs that have an Entrecard spot. For every drop, you get a credit. When you earn enough credits, you can "spend" your credits by advertising on other people's blogs. You also earn credits when people advertise on your blog. The more popular your blog is, the more credits you will need to advertise there.

In January, these blog readers were my Top Droppers - thank you for stopping by so often! :)

Photojournalist !
Tialey Vintage Clothing
Ruth's Creations
Life's Perfect Pictures
Green Roots Photography
Jenera Healy Photography
Through The Lens


Mishkat said...

Thanks for explaining Entrecard - I had heard of it, but didn't understand it.

P.S. We have a blog award for you (but you might already have it!) Feel free to pass it on, or just enjoy...

HandiCrafts said...

Thank you Katie!!