Friday, October 31, 2008

November Give Away!

Since there was such a great response to our last drawing, I'm holding another for November! This time, I'm giving away three of our photo greeting cards. These three photographs are mounted to blank white Strathmore cards. (They are shown here already in their plastic sleeves.)

To enter, leave a comment about a handmade gift you're thinking of giving this holiday season. Deadline to enter is November 15.

On November 16:
- Our luck winner is MISHKAT! Congratulations! -


Mishkat said...

The cards are beautiful! I want to enter :)
I know I'm going to give handmade soap to my sister, my niece, and some of my nephews. (And many other handmade gifts as well - just haven't figured all them out yet!)

veganessa said...

I'm going to give my cats some handmade catnip toys! about time I made some more for the EFA shop :)

mvegan said...

So gorgeous! I'd love to enter, then if I win, have them in the EFA Shop ;)

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I'm going to give my daughter handmade jewelry. Those cards are awesome! Hope I win!

Dogonwear said...

wow pretty cards!!!

Ny familyplays this game with each othe revery year where we all say we wont give gifts amongst ourselves cuz we cant afford it and it's just not the point of christmas........ then after everyone there lil high and mighty speech we all sneak off to various rooms and give our gifts privately swearing all the while we did not get gifts for anyone else.. and in the end we all get gifts...
so this year of course for Jonny I will order from uniquetreatdogbones
and for my mother I will order more business promotion supply's from buttondivas
for my Aunt marti... some of that healthy stuff from lowallergykitchen shes a diabetic
and my sister I have not decided yet.... they will ALL get handmade..

I am still shopping for my own christmas present :-)

Happy Holidays to ALL
>>>AKA Dogonwear

Fervent Butterfly Photography said...

Beautiful cards!

I'm going to give my niece some cute hair bows & a quilt.

Smile Moon Woodworks said...

Beautiful photos, as ever. I'm thinking about giving my daughter a handmade sock monkey from one of the shops on Etsy to replace one she'd made herself but had given away as a gift to somebody overseas last year.

Amariah said...


I'm going to give a few of my drawings and paintings as handmade gifts. The rest of my handmade gifts will be bought on Etsy:-)

Allie said...

Hi there! I have a handmade print for my sister, and am thinking of handmade soap for my sister-in-law. And the grandparents always get photographs. Your cards are very lovely! I hope I win! :), allie

Annette F. Tait said...

Wow! what stunning cards! So great to hear about this giveaway Jen, thanks for the opportunity to enter!

I will be giving my niece, who has just discovered Barbie, a handmade Arabella rabbit bag with Barbie on the material. Pink ofcourse! (I'll also be making it!!)
I am hoping to buy some soap for my mum. Perhaps the amazing soap that looks like amethyst.
I have my eye on a particularly beautiful fawn with leaf photo and I have seen some amazing tiny porcelain tigers by songandbranch.
I also love the dishes made by Saveabunny and have seen the perfect one for Arabella.

Vineyard Painter said...

I'm planning on giving handmade Tree ornaments to my friends and family this year. I'll be using my own art work Decoupaged onto the items.

HandiCrafts, I enjoyed seeing your photography on Etsy. A favorite was the horse who came out to view the freshly fallen snow! Also the close up of the young owl.

Best wishes!

Pam said...

So far I bought a handmade chap stick holder from auntifranni for my mom, it is so cool. I also bought 2 ACEO prints for her. I will be doing more shopping on Etsy!


HandiCrafts said...

This comment is for CelticCatPhotos due to posting problems.

Good luck! :)

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Lovely cards! I'm giving my Mom soap covered rose petals for Christmas. I love etsy!