Tuesday, October 21, 2008

End of October Give Away!

I am giving away a set of these lovely little cards (four cards in total). The image has been professionally printed onto 80# Royal Fiber Cover Birch card stock. I think they are quite lovely. But, I'm biased of course! :)

To enter, leave a comment below about something you're working on! :) I will randomly select a winner on October 31. Make sure you leave your contact info so I can later e-mail the winner for his/her address!


Allie said...

Ooh! Pick me! I am currently working on a photo collage and poem framed for my chidlren. You may read the poem and see some of the photos I am using here:

:), allie

Lola Lynn said...

Hi Jen,

The cards are beautiful. I'm currently working in clay and just finished handbuilding a large coil pot. Barring any kiln disasters, I will start thinking about how to glaze it.

LolaLynn: lynnhanousek@yahoo.com

veganessa said...

They are beautiful cards.
I'm working on a batch (10) of coin purses and small bags to send to VeganEtsy Team http://veganetsy.etty.com
They are making sample packs of vegan items to raise funds for the street team to use for adverts and such, so my purses and bags are going there, I've never been so productive in one hit!

Arty Allsorts said...

I'm working on printing cards for 2 upcoming craft fairs and designing a table layout, what to take, how many of each etc. I'm also going to make myself a money apron as a sewing challenge.

Love those cards and your project with Allie is a lovely idea. Judi F and I are both doing the flickr 365 project although I started a few days after her. I'm blogging mine too if you wanna peek :) http://artyallsorts365.blogspot.com

Rosemarie said...

Gorgeous photo, Jen - as always! I am working on finding the time to work on something!

Be well.

Melissa said...

Such beautiful cards! I'm actually at the regular job, but tonight I'll be working on adding some textures and what not to some pictures of a friend's newborn granddaughter.

Fervent Butterfly Photography said...

Sorry. The above comment from Melissa is me. I didn't realize I was logged in under a different user. :)

Mishkat said...

Just gorgeous! I am working on several articles for the EFA website, trying to get my garden ready for winter, and writing a (boring) literature review for work :)


Pat said...

Oooo - those are lovely!! Pick me ... please!

Kary/theknottysheep on Etsy!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hi Jen,
Great looking card.
I am working on so many things right now:
1. I'm preparing for a craft fair next month - making cards, matting prints.
2. I'm always knitting - right now a bib of my own design and finishing a bag I just felted.
3. My own blog (Ramblings by Judi).
4. As Arty A. said - the Flickr 365 project.
5. My daughter's green blog (Green Leaf Reviewer)

There's so much more but I don't want to bore you.

Peace, Judi

Dogonwear said...

So perrrrrtttty!!!!!!

Holly said...

I love the cards! So pretty :)

Well, I'm working on a variety of different things, as is usual...

-Experimenting with polymer clay
-Designing a bronze and pink based showpiece necklace/earring set
-Figuring out how to work with sheet metal as inexpensively as possible
-Trying to build my inventory for a few home shows and fairs that are coming up!

(gahhh.....overextended, overextended, overextended! LOL)

MagicRainbowDreamings said...

I just love this photo, so you can count me in on the fun. Cute idea, too ... and very generous of you! So, thx for hosting this give-away, Jen.

What I'm working on right now:
* crafting yet more goodies to be added to my shop shortly
* hoping #1 will kick off soon ;o))
* creating eco-friendly tags & other paper goods
* putting together some pressies for a charity project called "X-mas In A Shoebox"
* finishing up & starting gifts for the little ones in my circle of friends and family
* ...I know there was still something else ... hummmh...hopefully I'll remember if it was important...chuckle

HandiCrafts said...

Wow! The response on this has been phenomenal! How am I going to be able to wait until October 31 for the drawing!! :)

Cyber_Hippie said...

I want one!

I'm currently working on:
-a decorated tin, to be titled "A Vine Affair"
-a hand-sewn tote bag
-photo and collage cards
-making prints of my photos

Jen M.

karrie said...

Wow! The butterfly feels 3 dimensional here. Great capture.

I'm obsessed with designing kids sneakers based on my photography on Zazzle right now. Obsessed.


jessica said...

Beautiful cards, Jen! I'm working on more photo jewelry and accessories to hopefully get some holiday gift sales. And also working on trying to keep up with the fast-moving POE threads!
- flashframe

Bella McBride said...

Your cards are just beautiful! What am I working on? What am I not working on? I guess I'm working on learning to needle felt, but I'm easily distracted by new crochet patterns, etc!
Thanks for the great giveaway!