Thursday, August 28, 2008

Loves Frogs, Hates Mosquitoes

On Sunday, Rob and I ventured to the Vermont Wildflower Farm, but found it in sad shape. Apparently the whole summer has been filled with cold, rainy days, making it difficult for the flowers to grow. (There were ones that did put up a fight though-- just not many.) Lucky for us, the sun came out when we visited, so we decided to venture outside anyway.

On the farm is a scenic path for the wildflowers (with information about each species on the way) that leads into the woods. Upon entering was a small little pond. At first I stopped to admire the multiple water lilies, and then found a little frog staring at me!

He was very patient as we photographed him - several times - without even blinking. The whole time he seemed to be smiling. Well of course he was! When I looked down I was covered in mosquitoes! I was attracting the little man's dinner!

What follows next, well, I'm not proud to admit. The budding nature lover that I am fled from the woods, taking the long way out, and ending up with 20 mosquito bites that my body seems to have reacted very poorly too. Four days later, the bites have stopped swelling and are healing, and all I can say is thank GOD these photos were in focus, or I would have thrown a fit!

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Arty Allsorts said...

Ouch! I can sympathise big time with swelling mossie bites - mine usually blister too but only when I'm in a hot country so they swell even more when I get on the plane to come home!

One thing I have found that helps if you are prone is to take extra vitamin B complex supplement for 6-8 weeks before travelling. Apparently it changes your skin chemistry so you don't taste so good to those little pesky critters.

Lovely froggy shot though, well worth the effort I think :)