Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Cat Who Stole My Sweater

She looks so comfy that I really don't mind... and I don't blame her for snoozing on top! I got this sweater as an import from Ireland over a year ago when the catalog was closing out styles. I had never seen an Irish sweater in that beautiful color of pink before! So I grabbed it.

Unfortunately, I'm allergic to wool. In this case, the sweater is a cardigan so technically I could use it... but I haven't lately. I brought it to work since I'm always cold there, and noticed that Ginger would want extra hugs on the days I was wearing it. One day I left it folded up on my extra chair--erm, her chair--and it's been hers ever since.

She does seem to enjoy it more than I do. She likes to knead it and then fall asleep.

And gosh she does look cuddly, doesn't she?

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Miss 376 said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous. I have a cat who sits on whatever I am knitting if I put it down