Monday, August 11, 2008

Clinton Wrap Up

Sales were pretty good at the Clinton fair this past weekend. (That's a photo of our tent above.) Every show brings a different layout, and on Saturday when our neighbor never came back, we were able to move our gridwalls partially into his space (with the show's permission).

The only downside is that we had a theft overnight (Friday into Saturday). Rob had purchased new LED lights for the tent, and they were bagged up and hidden inside the tent (with the sides up). The next day, no one could find them, and today we confirmed after going through all of our things and after Lauren went through hers that they were indeed stolen. It's too bad -- they were brand new and never used.

As for sales, I've found this season that people are not as interested in matted photographs. They tend to be leaning more towards our photo jewelry or photo greeting cards. I imagine it's the economy that's influencing that choice, since last year matted photos sold very well.

Check out my new card display in the lower left hand corner. That was custom-made for us by Jeffrey of SmileMoon Woodworks. It's a beautiful piece- I'm glad to have it! And it's a much better way for us to display our smaller notecards (as opposed to just laying them out on the tables!).

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