Thursday, May 1, 2008

Donation updates

I'd like to take some time out to update my wonderful customers the status of current donations.

As you know, 20% of the sales in my shop (after paypal, shipping, and etsy fees) is donated to 3Bunnies Rabbit Rescue, located at

In January and February, $10.61 was slated to help 3Bunnies. We rounded up that donation to $25.

Our March and April totals have been tallied, and $16.92 was slated for 3Bunnies. In April, we also learned about poor Wrigley who needed help paying for some expensive veterniary bills, so we included our own personal donation when sending the amount, for a total of $50 donation to 3Bunnies.

EFA Donation Update
I also offer select items in my shop where 100% of the sales (after paypal, shipping and etsy fees) is donated to the Etsy for Animals charity of the month. For April, the selected charity was Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary, located in Montana.

This is the first time one of my 100% donations sold, and how appropriate that it was the Dog Gone Crazy Photo Greeting Card set! After fees, the total donation came to $10.17, but we decided to round up that donation to $25. (The official total donation by all EFA members is still being calculated.)

Thank you to all my fabulous customers!

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