Monday, May 5, 2008

Woo hoo!!

I finished the second task on my spring cleaning list! Last night I completed my Valentine's Day tablecloth from almost two years ago!! It was such a nice feeling to have finally completed it. When I abandoned it long ago, I had only sewed two sides. So I had to pin and sew the remaining two sides last night.

I am working with a local frame shop to get the mats I need for my fifth project on the spring cleaning list. The place I was going to order the mats from online raised their shipping fees and were going to charge me $40!!!!! Just for shipping!!!! So luckily right down the road from where I work is The Gilded Edge. I am pretty sure they can "hook me up." :) They are closed today, so I plan on checking in tomorrow on the progress. The frames I ordered are in production-- not sure if they will make it to the apartment in time for the deadline, but at least I ordered them! That was the task I put off for over a year!

I'm going to work on project #4 today during my lunch break. I brought the fabric pieces with me to work to make the book, so I'm hoping I can get everything pinned so all I need to do is sew everything together tonight!

Pastry school kept me pretty busy this weekend. We had to make our own wedding cakes. I'm pretty happy with how mine came out, considering it's my first wedding cake ever.

The sun is shining again, after hiding all of last week. I hope it stays nice and sunny all the way through Sunday! Our first fair of the season is Saturday and my hubby is going to be representing our work with Lauren while I'm off completing my cake final at school. He's so good to me. :)


MagicRainbowDreamings said... us, show us, please!!! Waiting for the pictures ... ;o)) Great to read you're making progress with your list. Keep it up!! Wishing you a lovely Spring day! hx, Nicky

nipper said...

Congrats on your front page showing!!! And many congrats on getting all of your projects done while staying so busy otherwise.

Oh! I can't wait to see those pics - post 'em! post 'em!