Sunday, May 11, 2008

Whew! Whirlwind weekend!

First off, I updated my previous blog entry to show that completed tablecloth! Enjoy!

Today I finished task #4 on my list--I assembled and sewed that fabric booklet for my friend's son! Check it out!

Hopefully I'll at least finish the wrap skirt before the deadline tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)

Additional updates:

Also, a special thank you to everyone who turned out to our first fair of the season in Fairfield. I was unable to go myself, but sent my husband along to represent our work in the booth with Lauren (my business partner and friend). :)

Also, in the coming weeks, look for a new feature to be added to this blog. I hope it keeps it interesting! :)

EDIT: May 20, 2008:
The skirt -- unfortunately -- did not come to be! But I am so glad that I participated in the Spring Cleaning Challenge! I met wonderful people --literally around the world -- and had a great excuse to finish those projects! Thank you to Ellia for thinking of this wonderful idea! And thank you to my sponsor, Nicole, for cheering me along!


MagicRainbowDreamings said...

Hi Jen...I'm back ;o)) The fabric booklet looks adorable!! This is such a beautiful idea for kids...hmmm...I may just decide to do one as well.
Well, just a little comment to push you to our GRAND FINISH LINE...The big day is finally here. So: go! go! go! ;o)))

greenbeanbaby said...

sooooo beautiful!!!!! congrats!!!! everyone seems to be getting far in their tasks... mine are taking far longer than planned... i gotta email the ladies anyhow :)

big hugs!!!

nipper said...

WOW! What a tablecloth! What a book! What a ---