Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Progress of Spring Cleaning Tasks

Tonight I placed the order for my frames for task 5 on my list: mat and frame my photos for the bedroom. I decided on one 18x24 frame to hang over the bed, with two 16x20 frames to accompany either side (all horizontal). I also chose six 8x10 frames to hold various photos, one of which won't be mine but one I found on etsy that would look great with my theme. You can see it here. I already have my purple delphinium in a 20x24 frame over my dresser, and a reproduction of Georgia O'Keefe's poppy that I painted with acrylics waaaaay back in high school. So things are coming along nicely! Now I just need to order the larger mats-- and send out the larger photos to the lab.

As for my other projects... eeks. I haven't been able to even look at them yet, because life has kept me very busy! This past weekend I had to make a baptismal cake for our friend, so any sewing time I had was converted over to baking time. I'm hoping to make a dent in my projects this weekend, but tulip season is starting in the Litchfield hills so I may be tempted to run up there and photograph them instead...

How is everyone else's projects going?


MagicRainbowDreamings said...

Hi Jen! So good to read that you're on the way to getting your projects rolling...and looking at your store shows me that you've accomplished quite a few items recently...lovely items, btw! Okay, so they are not part of your list *smiles* but, and I think this is equally important, you are being productive & preparing on other ends. Just keep on rollin'! And if the tulips are tempting...go with it! Enjoy a lovely time in Nature and recharge from the busy schedule that you have! Oh, I just posted my update on my blog so if you like to take a peek... ;o) Hang in there, you'll make it! Big Hugs, Nicky

magicrainbowdreamings said...

Hahahha....thank you for sending your kitty luuuuuurve!!! ;o)