Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Ellia of Greenbean Baby Art came up with a great spring cleaning challenge. (Any lingering craft projects that have been collecting dust qualify... see her blog for full instructions.) I just made it in at the last minute (a day late of deadline) thanks to the fabulous Nicole, who saw my post on Ellia's site. I had mentioned interest in the challenge, but didn't have any sponsors. So she took care of that! Nicole is sponsoring five projects of mine, that need to be completed by May 12. I better get started! :)

Here is my official list, for entry's sake. I plan on updating this blog to show the progress of the following projects.

1. Complete my wrap skirt started a month ago but not close to being done!
2. Complete my valentine's day tablecloth -- from fabric that was cut 1.5 years ago!!
3. Create window draft dodgers from fabric I purchased in November 2007.
4. Create fabric booklet: Animals Around the World... for my friend's son. (I missed his birth in March. Oops.)
5. Project: Matt and Frame my flower photographs for bedroom--not yet sure of number but enough to cover walls nicely.

So there it is! I'm excited! :)


Nicole said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for the "fabulous"....hahahaha! And also for adding me to your blogroll. So sweet of you! Just wanted to send a quick "Hi" and wish you a lovely day and happy I said before, I'm so looking forward to see your finished projects. Hx, Nicole

PS: Is that the buzzing and humming of your sewing machine that I can hear in the background already? *big smiles*

nipper said...

Gadzooks! I bet J would love for me to have such a list - at least I'm about done one project anyway. Started on another, but at least I'm about done the one!