Sunday, January 27, 2008

Busy Sunday!

Coming off a busy work/school week should have left me exhausted-- but all I could think about doing was beginning work on my new projects. After another trip to the craft store to get last minute items, I was on my way. I started 25 scrabble pendants and completed three sun catchers. Here's a sneak peak of the sun catchers:

I designed them to hang off the review mirror in cars. Or to hang in windows to add some rainbows to the room. :)

In other news, a very talented artist by the name of Melyssa finished a portrait of Lola for me. It should be here this week. I'm very excited to see it. I fell in love with the style of Melyssa's paintings when I found her Bunny Love ACEO on Etsy (see below).

Lola's portrait is in a similar fashion-- can't wait to see it in person!

So you must check her out at (and my blogroll links to her blog too).

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