Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upcoming Projects

I officially began sorting out the supplies need to make pendents out of Scrabble tiles last night. Lauren is already way ahead of the game--she ordered her supplies a week-- maybe a week and a half ago-- and has already created 50 pendants to date. (She and I split the cost to learn how to make the pendants, which reminds me that I still owe her money for that!)

I, on the other hand, am behind. But on Saturday I wandered into Kate's Paperie store in Greenwich. (I was on a field trip with my pastry class to check out the Versailles bakery there. After having chocolate mousse and other sinful creations for breakfast, we were released onto the streets to explore the shops.) So there I am, in this huge store, with an unlimited supply of scrapbook and paper materials at hand. I set my mind on finding the perfect paper for my first pendants: One large sheet of oriental-looking bunnies on blue, and another large sheet of japanese maples. Last night I ordered my Scrabble tiles to work with, and today at lunch I'm making a trip to the craft store to buy the rest of the supplies.

In other exciting news, my next project, involving suncatchers with crystals and ornate beads, is almost underway. I found out they can also be called prayer beads, but I mainly had in mind creating crystal beauties to hang from rearview mirrors in cars (or high up in windows to sprinkle the room with rainbow prisms).

And of course, I'll be buying more yarn today for a top-secret project for one of my friends.

So I have at least three major projects very close to beginning. This is the only time I'll say it's good that it's cold outside, because I'm not tempted to run outside and photograph anything right now.

... At least not when it's 15 degrees out...

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