Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We interrupt this posting...

... to lament my poor car! I finally made my way to Harvest Beads & Silver up in Manchester, Connecticut this past weekend when my car took a beating from a dump truck. In addition to two dents on my hood, a rock slammed into the passenger side of my car's windshield. I wasn't able to get a license plate, since the plate seemed to be mounted higher than usual and covered in dirt and grime. By the time I got close to him to *possibly* find a DOT number, he swerved off on the exit for Hartford.


So that will be a costly repair. I was surprised by the glass inside the car. Luckily the car didn't leak when we had a torrential downpour last night, and the windshield will be getting repaired tomorrow.

But... on to more *happier* thoughts, the trip to the bead store really was beneficial and I found some interesting beads to create new sun catchers with. I have some new ying yang inspired beads, as well as agate slices-- can't wait to create something new with those! :)

(Trying to find my silver lining here...)


Walk in the Woods said...

:( Sorry about the vehicle. I'm glad you're OK though AND that you found some semblance of a silver lining at the bead store! :)

buggins said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry about your car! :( Hope the insurance covers it, that's for sure!

Wait, you were at Harvest????? I live in walking distance from there! Wish I'd known LOL!!!