Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Interview with Jenny Flanders Estep

You've probably seen Jenny Flanders Estep's work on the front page of Etsy numerous times. It's no surprise, since her striking nature photography is often selected for treasuries. She's an active member of Photographers of Etsy, and this week's interview! I love to check out her shop, and I hope you will, too!

Jen: In your profile, you say you are a recovering engineer. How do you feel your career choice influences your photography?

Jenny: After years of working with numbers, I felt a strong need to reconnect with my creative side. When I started to get serious about photography as an artistic pursuit, I showed a friend some of my pictures, and she commented on their geometry. I hadn't realized that was such a big aspect of my work, but it makes sense, considering my background. When I pick up my camera, my eye seems to search out patterns and details. Photography has changed the way I look at the world, and I hope I can help others see things differently too, especially the little things they make take for granted.

Jen: How did you decide to concentrate on photographing flowers?

Jenny: Well, flowers have the characteristics I mentioned above (geometry, details, and patterns), plus the added bonus of bright colors that catch my attention! But I would say I concentrate on nature as a whole rather than just flowers. I love the abstract quality a flower or plant can take on when you capture it with a macro lens. I'm fortunate to live in Seattle, a place with amazing botanical diversity, and I snap many of my photos while I'm out walking around my neighborhood. I also spend quite a bit of time in Central Washington, an area rich in fruit orchards and vineyards.

I do have a second shop on Etsy for images that don't really fit with my nature shots -- I refer to them as photos with evidence of humans.

Jen: Is photography your "day" job or something you do on the side?

Jenny: Photography is something I do on the side. My day job is mothering two wonderful little boys, 4-1/2 and 3. After focusing on them for several years, I was ready to do a little something for myself, and photography has fit the bill. To be honest, I still struggle with finding the proper balance. Etsy is my first foray into selling my photos, but I hope to expand my business gradually.

Jen: How did you discover Etsy?

Jenny: About a year ago I was out to dinner with some friends. One of them was asked where she got her earrings, and she mentioned Etsy as a great place to buy jewelry, art, etc. I opened an account about a week later, and it took me another week or two to work up the courage to start listing my photos.

Jen: Do you have any advice for other photographers or Etsians?

Jenny: I think it's important to stay true to yourself and your particular style. Beyond that, I think I'll leave the advice to the professionals!

Check out more of Jenny's work in her Etsy shop:

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Rosemarie said...

Nice interview. One of my favorite Etsy photographers.

Two Dog Gardens by Gloria said...

I love flanderfields photography, she has inspired me in so many ways.

MagicRainbowDreamings said...

Hi Jen...thank you for sharing this great photographer with us!
Stunning fireworks of color when you click the color sections in her shop ... breathtaking collections!! Have a yummy day, Nicky ;o)