Friday, May 1, 2009

We're going to move!

I'm very excited to announce that we have officially found a house-- it has passed inspection and we're on our way to the nitty gritty paperwork stage! I'm so excited that I ran out and purchased several boxes to start packing our stuff into! We have a long way to go on that front, but I'm so excited that we'll be purchasing our first home!

To celebrate -- and help me lighten my load to the new house -- I'm offering all my 5x5, 5x7, 6x9 and 8x10 photos (with or without mats) at 50 percent off! (Look for new listings to come as well in the next few weeks as I clean out our storage unit and put more photos up for sale -- usually the ones that only make it to the fair circuit). To take advantage of the sale, visit

Meanwhile, when I'm not packing, I'm skimming plant catalogs and dreaming of the rose bushes, wisteria, tomatoes and other plants to put in our new garden! Any tips for moving that I should know about?


Meghann said...

Congratulations! When we purchased our home, I wish there had been a few days between when we got to move into our house, and when we had to be out of our old apartment - having a day to pre-clean the new place and then a few days to move in would have been wonderful - people never clean the way they should - you know, you are supposed to leave the place clean for the next people, but people rarely make it spotless, lol. Also, when planting gardens, use landscape cloth or you'll be pulling weeds for the next 200 years, lol.
Have a great time in your new place, I'm so happy for you!!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Congratulations! That is awesome news!

Annette F. Tait said...


I usually number my boxes and keep a separate sheet for the list of contents - makes unpacking easier and you can prioritise the unpacking order.

I also keep the bunny's food, fleeces, toys and kity litter stuff ready to immediately put down in their room :)

Hope Lola likes her new place!

Allie said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for you both!

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

many congrats! how exciting! good luck on your move! :)

HandiCrafts said...

Thanks everyone for the advice and good wishes!