Thursday, May 7, 2009

Packing boxes is the pits

So... we're still waiting.

I've started trying to pack up all our belongs for our inevitable move at the end of the month. But, we're still waiting for the paperwork to be finalized so we can set up a permanent closing date. The waiting around for all the boxes on the forms to be checked off is really frustrating to me, since I'm the type of gal that wants to get it done and over with.

So I'm trying to be good and keep myself busy (you know, when I'm not working at the bakery). Of the highlights:

  • I discovered Space Bags, in which you fill up with garments, blankets, etc., and then use a vacuum to suck out the air and shrink in size. What is left is a little brick of your compressed items. It was pretty cool the first time, but one of the bags keeps growing and absorbing air. Oh well. Can't win them all I suppose.
  • We have officially bought 40 small boxes and 15 medium boxes. I've also accumulated any box the bakery no longer needs (and were previous homes to eggs, milk, chocolate chips, etc.). About 15 percent of all boxes are actually filled with items right now.
I have a couple of items too that I may freecycle... I'd have to look into that. One of my friends told me to hold on to everything and have a tag sale, but I'm not too interested in bringing items I don't want or need anymore with me to the new house. At the same time, it would be nice to get a dollar or two for them. Any ideas?


Denise aka DeeJayPhotography said...

Well, moving is a huge task in itself!!! If you are moving the end of the month you really don't have a lot of time to have a yard sale before. You need to decide if you want to go through the hassle of setting up sale (cleaning, pricing, advertising, spending a day actually doing it)before or after the move. We had a multi family yard sale last year and it was worth it, but we spent over a month getting ready for it! If you're willing to pack & bring the stuff to sell after you're settled then I say go for it! If you really don't care, then Freecycle it!! You're helping out people that need it and not filling the landfills :)

Best of luck with whatever you choose! I'm happy for you but don't envy you! Moving is tough :)


Mishkat said...

I think yard sales are too much work for the return, especially if you do one by yourself. So I always just donate everything - we have a great humane society thrift store here, and also one that benefits the local YMCA. And I completely agree that you should NOT move anything you don't want or need - it's hard enough moving the things you do want!

Smile Moon Woodworks said...

I don't envy you this part of the ordeal. If you consider freecycling any of your photography equipment, let me know!

HandiCrafts said...

Ahh I didn't even think of the thrift sales that humane societies sponsor. I'll have to see if there are any in my area!

It's mostly clothing and home decorations up for grabs right now... still sorting though.

Allie said...

We had a garage sale last summer, and hardly anyone came. According to the customers who did come, we were too far off the main highway, and didn't provide enough signs and directions. It was a lot of work. On the other hand, my sister has had great success on her own and with neighborhood yard sales. I would agree that it would be easier to not pack all that stuff, though.

Good luck!

:), allie

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