Monday, November 10, 2008

Always back up your files!


That was a terrible lesson to learn last Thursday night when I received an order and the file corrupted when I went to fulfill it. Usually I am pretty good about backing up my photos to a stand-alone hard drive, as well as the computer, and a CD or DVD. In this case, the file corrupted, and there was no backup.


Luckily it turned out OK in the end, but it spurred me to take new photos this weekend. (My poor cupcakes were the victims of the backup malady.)

So beginning this week I will be uploading new cupcake photo cards in my shop!

1 comment:

greenbeanbaby said...

aw girl i feel your pain! i lost OODLES of art photos on january 1st last year... good thing i flickr but i've yet to take all the pix and upload them onto a cd... sigh... anyhow your cupcakes look YUMMY! i want one!!! hehe