Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Craft Wrap Up

As usual I'm dipping into multiple projects while I wait for this cold weather to pass. I can't wait for spring in order to run outside and enjoy the longer daylight hours and capture beautiful photos.

In the meantime, I'm still chugging along on my crochet project. I didn't get to work on it too much this week, but I added two rows today.

And I've decided to try my hand at another painting of Lola. I did the rough sketch tonight on a cute little canvas I found last fall in Burlington, Vt.

Back to the work grind tomorrow...


JewelRee said...

Oh love your drawing!

I'll have to show you a photo of my bunnie Bruno one day! His a funny little boy! =)

Unfortunately I lost Zoe about 6 months ago to a brain tumor...

So I love seeing people who love their pets! =)

- Ree

HandiCrafts said...

Thanks! I'm so sorry bout Zoe. I had no idea that rabbits could get that too. They are really fragile when you think about it!